Venice Carnival 2018

27-28 January: Festa Veneziana on the water

Saturday, January 27  the Rio di Cannaregio turns into a real water stage with a show that  delights  thousands of visitors each year, where floating structures  transfer on water the theme of  Carnevale: CREATUM Civitas Ludens

Free Show in two replicas, at 6:00 and at 8:00pm

The Festa Veneziana will continue on Sunday January 28 with the water parade Rowing associations and tours with the Venetian specialties.

An outstanding evening show will bring music, rhythm, joy along Cannaregio shores, opening in the best way the Carnival of Venice 2018.

The show will be intensified by the dance and the music, that will produce a unique moment: you can’t miss it!

28 January: Regata delle Colombine

Colombine sprint regatta, first edition.

In Rio di Cannaregio, sunday 28th January from 10.30am

Best Mask Contest ? daily contest From 12:00 to 13:30

BE PROTAGONIST OF THE SHOW! Do you want to parade on St. Mark’s Square with your mask?

The competitors parade on stage, defying each other by fantasy strokes and costumes, masks and wigs, feathers and caps in a double daily appointment. And for the winners of the shows scheduled between Thursday and Saturday (February 8th-10th) the final on Sunday, 11h February is ensured. Great news for Monday, February 12th with two parades dedicated to the kids.

3 February: Festa delle Marie ? The Parade

The traditional “Festa delle Marie” will start at San Pietro di Castello at 2.30 pm, will parade all along via Garibaldi and Riva degli Schiavoni and it will reach San Marco stage at 4.00 pm, where the twelve “Marias” will be introduced to the crowd waiting for them.

It evokes the homage that the Venetian Doge offered every year to twelve beautiful but humble venetian girls, offering them magnificent jewels as a bridal dowry.

The “Festa delle Marie” is articulated in different days and it is the opportunity to admire the traditional venetian period costumes. The event will be inaugurated Saturday 18th of February, with the parade of the twelve girls selected in the previous weeks.

4 February : Flight of the Angel a centuries-old tradition

On Sunday, February 4, 2018 Elisa Costantini, Maria of the Year 2017, will descend from St. Mark’s bell tower to the crowded square of Venetians and visitors from all over the world interpreting what is considered as the opening ritual of the Venice Carnival: the Flight of Angel.