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A city to be discovered

Among the most beautiful cities in Italy, Venice is definitely unique for its surreal atmosphere. Here you will walk among austere monuments, splendid works of art, and incredible views. Discover the treasures that Venice has in store for you and experience it to the fullest.

Let yourself be surprised

Piazza San Marco

The Hotel Lux is just one minute away from Piazza San Marco, where the basilica stands magnificently. From here you can admire the Doge's Palace, the bell tower, and the Renaissance-style Clock Tower. The Bridge of Sighs, which connected the Doge's Palace to the Prisons, is just a few steps away.
Famous for its historic cafes, Piazza San Marco resembles a romantic Istrian stone salon, dotted with excellent restaurants and high-end shops.

Bacino di San Marco

On the Riva degli Schiavoni, there is a wonderful sunset over the Bacino di San Marco, with the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore in the foreground, rich in charm. Moving your gaze to the right, your eyes will rest on the profiles of the Basilica della Salute, celebrated by the Venetians during the November festival of the same name. To the left, you can see the shoreline that passes the entrance to the Arsenale shipyard, and ends at the Giardini, the site of the famous Biennale d'Arte. Completing the picturesque landscape is the island of Lido di Venezia, home to the magnificent International Film Festival.

Experience the city

Visit a ridotto

In the 18th century, the ridotti (or casini) were refuges of Venetian nobles for games and masked evenings. Relive those moments today at the Casino Venier and Casino Contarini.

Rialto Market

Experience Venice like a Venetian: visit the Rialto Market, set up every day with inviting stands of fruit, vegetables, and fish.

Venice Carnival

Venice is synonymous with art, culture, canals, but also Carnival. The most famous and ancient in Italy, an event to be experienced from dawn to dusk, mask after mask.

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